Pressure Test & Clean.
Our specialized flushing system is designed to aid in the removal of built-up debris and sludge from the heat exchanger unit.
King's Radiator is one of the few Certified service centers in the West Coast. Our customers can be assured their repairs will be made using techniques that have been perfected over 18 years.
When a radiator is in overall good condition without severe deterioration of the core, rebuilding can be a quality option. All framework and tanks are media blasted and epoxy primered. The core is run through a solder pot, sealing the header to tube joints and returning it to a like new condition. All other solder joints on the tanks will also be resoldered. It is reassembled with new gaskets, fasteners, and a fresh coat of paint.
Either due to unrepairable damage or just overall core deterioration, recoring is one of the best quality options on the market. The radiator is completed similar to a rebuild, but the core is exchanged with a new replacement. All recores come with a 1 year no-leak warranty
Our radiators for sale are the best on the market and we want the chance to prove it, and our dedication to customer service to you. Call today to find out which radiator warehouse you are closest to. Often, we can deliver you your auto part the same day you order it!

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